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Community Partners

As a Hive Member, you will benefit from a variety of exclusive deals and discounts on both products and services from our curated list of community partners.
Check out some of the perks below!

Warrior Brews

Exclusive Coffee Subscription Plan

Ready to unlock your full potential? Get down to business with Warrior Brews Coffee & Cascara Tea infused with MCT Oil to boost your hustle.


10% Off

Fitfood provides weekly meals for a healthy lifestyle. We focus on serving a balanced diet specifically designed to help you maintain your weight.


10% Off

Our ingredients are homemade to give a unique experience of the Berlin Döner Kebab.

S'mores Cafe

20% Off

A coffee shop with a Saigon vibe in the heart of Da Kao, District 1.

The Tangerine

15% Off

We are The Tangerine, a casual dining, middle eastern cookery focused on serving filling and delicious food to you, your friends and your family.


10% Off

SaladStop! offers the freshest and healthiest salads, wraps, and warm grain bowls inspired by different flavors around the world.

Booze Restobar

10% Off

Inspired by the soulful city of Saigon, Booze was born to offer a lifestyle to those who love European cuisine and fine wines.

Te Te Taphouse

10% Off

The Tê Tê TapHouse is a craft beer and tapas concept bar by Tê Tê Brewing, a local brewery established in 2015.


10% Off Tapas

Tomatito is focused on family-style dining, it’s bold, colorful, and funky - Inspired by the Spanish bars from the 80s with a modern twist.

Makhan Bhog Indian Restaurant

10% Off Full Menu

Makhan Bhog Indian Restaurant is a 15 years old brand in North East of India and 1 year old in Saigon specializing in pure vegetarian.

Lecka Bar

5% Off All Bars

Lecka Bar provides healthy, delicious and all-natural energy bars for active people in Vietnam.

Saigon Kebab House

10% Off Full Menu

Saigon Kebab House is a Turkish Restaurant with an Upstairs Shisha lounge.


15% Off Detox Packages

FRESYO SMOOTHIES is a healthy Smoothies and Cold-pressed Juices Brand which aims to add more fiber, minerals and vitamins to your diet.

The Butcher

10% Off A La Carte Menu

Imported chilled meat grilled on charcoal comes with different choices of homemade sauce.

Ono Poke

10% Off

Fresh, Hawaiian inspired poke bowls that are not only delicious but also healthy!

Stand Craft

Free Sides with Beer Purchase

Beer Craft & Restaurant that has a combination of old & new Saigon where you could find your favorite drinks with a twist.

Mekong Merchant

10% Off

A local escape that fuels the community over the years with healthy, locally sourced homemade products.

Impact Berry

15% Off

Impact Berry provides ethically-sourced coffee for consumers using beans grown in fertile volcanic soil by farmers in Indonesia and Vietnam.